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Reactor Project Management Engineer                          

  • Location : Aix-en-Provence technical platform
  • Contract : cdi
  • Start date : 05/02/2024

Mission :

Domain: Engineering / Project Management

Attached: Technical Department / Project Unit

Profile: Experienced Project Engineer; Disciplines Project Management, Planning, Costs, Risks, Quality



Calogena was created within the Gorgé industrial group to develop, market, build and operate modular heat-bearing nuclear reactors to supply carbon-free heat to urban networks.

The Calogena reactor is a 30 MWth water SMR, with a passive and simple design, which provides it with very robust safety. Calogena is the winner of the France 2030 call for innovative reactor projects.

The reactor’s DPA is committed until 2025. It will be followed by a three-year DPA, followed by the construction of a first reactor in preparation for the transition to series. Construction is expected to begin in 2030.

The APS team is in the process of gaining momentum. It is organized as a Project Platform, with an extended team capacity involving strategic partners. The Technical Platform is located in Aix-en-Provence.

The Project team consists of a project unit, an architecture unit, and a business unit. The cells are positioned on the Project Platform, placed under the responsibility of the Technical Department.

The project unit includes project management, quality, safety and licensing missions.

Tasks assigned :

You will join the Project team of the Caligena reactor module.

You join the project unit.

In conjunction with the technical director, you will be responsible for the engineer in charge of reactor project management.

Your main responsibilities will be to:

  • Responsible for the Project Management Repository and associated MQ repositories, documentation, methods, Project normative repositories;
  • Head of reactor planning, studies and construction; follow-up and execution of the schedule;
  • Reactor cost manager; cost tracking;
  • Reactor Performance Management Manager;
  • Risk and opportunity management manager, studies and implementation;
  • Management of the Project Management tool, in charge of Project reporting;
  • Follow-up of Project expenditures;
  • Follow-up of purchases and partnerships, contract assistance;
  • In interface with the general installation architect, special contribution to the preparation of the industrialization of the reactor.

Candidate profile :

You have a Bac+5 or Master’s degree or a graduate of an engineering school or equivalent foreign training, at least M.Sc.Eng.

You are an experienced project management engineer. You have more than 10 years of experience in the design and construction of complex projects, including extensive experience in nuclear projects. A certification in project management is recommended.

You have strong technical and practical knowledge in the areas of planning, cost estimating, performance management and risk management.

You have practical experience in the design, implementation and construction of a nuclear facility, ideally of the reactor type or equivalent.

You have a good culture of quality management and technical quality monitoring.

You have an approach that is both very rigorous and very agile, pro-active.

You have strong organizational, structuring and synthesis skills, with very good writing skills. You have the ability to coordinate and manage teams and external studies.

You know how to effectively combine the control of quality, performance, cost and planning objectives with a capacity for proposals, advice and resolution within the Plateau team.

You have very good listening and communication skills, a strong aptitude for a wide variety of internal and external contacts, a strong team spirit.

You have a very good level of English, reading, writing, speaking. Proficiency in a second European language is a plus.

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