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The Calogena project, led by the GORGÉ industrial group, brings together twelve of the best technical experts in the nuclear sector. The aim is to develop an industrial company as quickly as possible to decarbonize district heating.

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“With almost two decades of experience in the nuclear sector, our Group is delighted to be strengthening its contribution to the ecological transition and the development of a strong national industry.”

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A project supported by the GORGÉ group

Calogena benefits from the dual expertise of the GORGÉ group and the team of twelve people who developed the concept. The project has been launched in 2021 by a team comprising expert advisers from NucAdvisor, all of whom have held senior positions in flagship companies in the French and European nuclear ecosystem.

In addition, the GORGÉ group is contributing its expertise in industrial deployment. GORGÉ is a diversified industrial group specialising in high-tech businesses.

The GORGÉ group has been active in the nuclear sector since 2007. Nearly 300 employees are involved in industrial and engineering activities within two companies developed by the group. The SERES TECHNOLOGIES subsidiary has expertise in nuclear mechanical design, operating safety, nuclear safety and security as well as ergonomics. The BAUMERT subsidiary designs and manufactures technical doors for the protection of nuclear sites.

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A solid industrial group

The group and its subsidiaries, two of which are listed on the stock exchange, generate revenues of 500 million euros and employ 3,300 people. GORGÉ SAS has a strong track record of creating and developing industrial technological companies.

For example, Prodways Group, founded in 2013 by Raphaël Gorgé in the 3D printing sector, has become a European leader in the sector. The company now has 460 employees and revenues of €80 million.

In recent years, the group has also built up a French technological champion in the field of navigation systems and maritime robotics, with EXAIL. This company generates revenues of nearly 300 million euros in 80 countries.

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The France 2030 call for projects aims to support companies developing innovative technologies and supporting the ecological transition.

Thanks to its low-power boiler, Calogena is one of the winners of a grant in the “Innovative Nuclear Reactors” category, which amounts to €5.2 million. This subsidy will make it possible to confirm the technical and economic robustness of Calogena within two years.

This subsidy expresses the support of the public authorities for the Calogena concept. It will allow to significantly accelerate its development. Calogena, thanks to the simplicity of its project, has the intention to be among the first to obtain an agreement in principle from the Nuclear Safety Authority on its safety option file.

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Calogena benefits from the contribution of a group of twelve experts who contribute their technical knowledge and experience in the main French and international reactor development projects.

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Alain Vallée

Former Group Technical Director at Framatome, then Director of nuclear activities at the CEA’s Saclay centre; he contributed to or directed the design of the 1300 MWe, 1450 MWe and then EPR reactors.

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Dominique Vignon

A former Chairman and CEO of Framatome, he was involved in the planning, design and construction of numerous nuclear power plants, including the EPR.

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Jan Bartak

Former head of nuclear development at ENGIE. Expert in the development of new nuclear power plant projects.

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Hervé Bernard

Former Deputy Director General of the CEA. Expert in risk management and nuclear fuels

Jacques Chenais

Former Director of the Engineering Department at TechnicAtome, then Head of SMR at CEA

Giovanni Bruna

Former IRSN Scientific Director and member of the IRSN Staff Committee. Expert in reactor design, safety and operation.

Noël Camarcat

Former special advisor for nuclear R&D and international issues at EDF’s Nuclear Engineering and New Projects Division. Fuel cycle expert.

Michel Debes

Former manager at EDF in the fields of operation, maintenance and safety of nuclear power plants and the nuclear fuel cycle

Gérald Ouzounian

Former Scientific and International Director of ANDRA. Expert in heating networks and nuclear waste management.

Philippe Malouines

Former Chairman of the AFCEN RCC-M sub-committee. Expert in nuclear pressure equipment

Gérard Cognet

Former researcher at the CEA. Expert in thermal-hydraulics and nuclear safety

Jean-Philippe Girard

Former researcher at the CEA. IAEA expert